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Zync arrived today...


Zync arrived today...

Exactly one week since I applied.  Nice looking card and the most important of all....Member since 95.  Logged in to my account and it shows 1995...woo hoo.  Not sure how it will affect my credit history but hoping for 10 or maybe 20 pts increase.  Thank you to everyone for all your help, I would not get approved for Cap One, AMEX and CU VISA without all your advice.  I cleaned out my CR and got my utilization down to 25%.  Targeting an AMEX revolver card after 6 months and Discover More card.


Thanks again !



Starting Score: EQ 606, TU 631
Current Score: EQ 658, TU 674, EX 656 FAKO
Goal Score: 700

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Re: Zync arrived today...

Cogratulations, your new AMEX card will grow with you, good customer service for any issues.

Starting Score: EQ 546 TU 566
Current Score: EQ 693TU 08 729 EX 08 738Need to Garden/New Accounts
Goal Score: 800
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