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Zync gone.....what cardshould i app for ..??????

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Re: Zync gone.....what cardshould i app for ..??????


Af is waived for green, gold, and PRG for the first year, so I would definitely go for PRG then after the first year, if I wasnt spending enough, downgrade to green.
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Re: Zync gone.....what cardshould i app for ..??????

i hope there might be a replacment card to take the place of Zync

Well, the question is: what would the place of Zync have been in your finances?  What were the important factors for you?

Was it having an Amex, any Amex?


Getting rewards on home improvement purchases, or your cable and phone bill, or taking your suits to the eco-dry-cleaner?


Was it having a charge card, as opposed to a revolving credit card?


Was it being able to customize rewards as your lifestyle changes?


The other thread linked above on what can replace Zync pretty much covers the obvious answer: if you wanted a low-annual-fee charge card, the Amex Green is the new lowest.  If your priority was on other things, what were those priorities?

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