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about spiegel

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about spiegel

Just a couple of questions...


1) Do I have to buy something (like crown jewellers) for spiegel to start reporting?

2) I want to sock drawer it. Can I do that and forget about it  or are there any monthly fees,maintenence fees etc that I have to pay and hence keep track of the card?


I am not apping and waiting for the right time for the prime ones but I have been preapproved and I understand that it is a soft pull for this card.

I only have FP (200) and Orchard secured (200). I just  became an AU on my brothers BOA (16000@9%utl) which made absolutely no difference to my score though so I may cancel that.

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Re: about spiegel

spiegel should start reporting on your credit reports with just the credit line when it was opened etc..there are no monthly mtce fees, annual fees etc--


but my understand it's a soft pull to preapprove you but I'm sure that if you app for the card it will be a hard..


also I wouldnt wait to long before I used it, if you decide to go for it bc in this credit environment most companies are closing cc's faster than they are opening them..


hope this helps! Good Luck

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Re: about spiegel

I will let you know if it is a hard/soft to be approved after pre-approval in a few days.


Spouse just done the pre-approval and it said congrats.....blah........and then all was asked was SS#, Ph #, DOB, email, and if wanted card/account information delivered online and by mail or mail only.


Then clicked continue and account information and CL popped up on screen.

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Re: about spiegel

pretty much what happened to me. I choose online and my CL is 250 and I got my card number as well. So far no inq but will give it a week atleast. Still waiting on the card. However I know for **bleep** sure that I dont want to use the card. If theres even a remotely ridiculous thing for men, I would use it but cant find nothing. Can I use it on eddie bauer?

If theres no monthly fee, maintanence fee anfd all the other genuine fees which all good companies charge, I'd like to sock it and forget about it. I will make a purchase after 2 months, immediately PIF and forget about it for 3 more months and and so on.

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Re: about spiegel

er..sorry....didn't realize 'da m n' was a 'bleep'...point noted.
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Re: about spiegel

Any information about soft/hard pull or reporting to the CRAs. I have received this card last saturday but still dont see any reporting to the CRAs. Its been 11 days since the app. Also, no hard pulls.
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Re: about spiegel

Everytime I check it says there is nothing to offer me.Smiley Sad 

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Re: about spiegel

"unable to locate codes, please call to continue application"

Does that mean I would have to actually apply with hard pull to see about approval or what? 

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Re: about spiegel

I applied online and was pre approved and went ahead and got approved on March 12. Received my card as  well. Still dont see a hard pull or the account on my credit files. Their CSRs did tell me when I called to check on this account that actual approval would be a hard pull and the account would take around 45 days to show.

My problem is that I rarely am convinced by CSRs. Too much wrong information too many times with too many companies. 

So I am still waiting. They havent reported from March 12th. So I am guessing they report in the first week and a half to the CRAs. Will let you know about the hard pull. 

Mt credit and its score is pretty bad and I was approved for a 250. I am assuming you have better scores and you should be pre approved. Id suggest you try again with the pre approval thing. I cant remember exactly but I read through the threads and kept the thread about spiegel pre approval, open and followed every step on  the app on a new window as I was a little confused with the website. If you still get the same result, then I am afraid youd need a hard pull to find out for sure and this card is totally not worth it then. I applied under the impression that its a soft even for approval and I needed a mix.

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Re: about spiegel

it will report to all 3 cra within 30 to 45 days i had one last year no hard pull...closed it very expensive..
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