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advice on getting another good BT

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Re: advice on getting another good BT

itsjustmeibe wrote:

llecs wrote:
Congrats on the PSECU accts!

itsjustmeibe wrote:

I got some advice on the board that PSECU in PA offers Experian credit scores for free to members.

Do you know if they still offer EX FICO scores. I looked on their website and noticed some changes from before, but haven't called. I don't live in PA, anyway. Smiley Sad



Got my EXP FICO yesterday and it jives with the real score. I just got a mortgage pull this week, so I know my scores. Way to go PSECU!

Are you looking for a long-lost brother? Here I am! Sadly, just short of moving there, that might be the only way to join.
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