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alliant 3-5 day message to join then CC success

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Re: alliant 3-5 day message to join?

Shae 123: I have a BK-13 filed 04, discharged early 08, should drop from reports next summer.  Several lates in 06.  Perfect history for about 4 years.  Good luck to you if you apply! 


Cardmaster:  WOW.  Way to go!

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Re: alliant 3-5 day message to join?

on EQ, just a 60 day late from 5+ years ago on a student loan.  Otherwise a clean report.  I pulled my fico before I app'd so it's a fresh score.  I did not get the 3-5 day message when i joined, it approved me online.  But from what others have said on here it sounds like the 3-5 day message is sometimes triggered by answering the fraud questions wrong.


I did not get a CC preapproval when going thru the member join screens.  So I had to call in for that, and had to do a whole new app.  So, it wound up being 2 inq's on EQ (one for membership, the other for CC).  For a $15K CC, I was OK with that!!  I live in TU land, so nobody pulls EQ around here anyways.  So only have a couple inq's on big deal.


Strange thing though, my FICO from this site and the score he quoted me were substantially different.  He said i was between 680 and 720 or something.  I think I read somewhere that they use a different FICO scoring model though. 

Starting Score: 3/2010 - TU = 635 EQ = 620
Current Score: 10/2010 - TU = 699 EQ = 743 EX = 709 (LO pull)
Goal Score: 1,000,000

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