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amazing american express approval

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amazing american express approval

what a day to start my birthday !!!!!


ok so heres the deal


after reading the approvels for american express zync i thouhgt i would work up the power to go for it, mind you i am about 60 days out form my last app with them denied.

currently i am at 651 Tu wallmart aug 2012

last known EQ 593 as of 4/28/12

i have one open Collection for 200

3 60days from 2008 on auto loan

3 cap ones open all about 90 % on statment

open wallmart 0/600

open amazon 230/1200

open KJ 0/500

open old navy 0/400

open express 0/300

open target 0/200

open credit one 0/400

closed capone/orchardbank 0/300

closed 1stpremier 0/300

inqs is 5-15 on each CB


apped right now after reading and thinking wt* its my birthday 


approved conter-offer 500 SL and autopayment from bankaccount BUT guys i am in!!! GOODBYE CREDIT ONE :]


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Re: amazing american express approval

Congrats, I just closed my zync as I never used it .
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Re: amazing american express approval

HAPPY BIRTHDAY,  mrcrush20!


Congrats on your success!


Although you are "much older now", you're in the perfect position to nurture your credit in the garden and watch it grow.  I hope you'll do just that. 


You'll be amazed at how well the good credit you establish now will work for you in the future, when you'll actually need it for things like cars, homes and other opps.


Again, congrats to you, old man!!  Smiley Happy

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Re: amazing american express approval

This gives me hope Smiley Happy


What are your other factors like?

1. Income, 2. Debt to income ration, 3. AAoA, 4. Time at current employer?


Thanks for info and grats!

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Re: amazing american express approval

Congratulations, and welcome to the Amex family! And happy birthday to you! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: amazing american express approval


humm well lets see income i just notched 75k about 10K higher then the last app i did wiht amex about 2 months ago. The only debt i have is the open balances for CC wich total about 1500... my aaoa is 1 year thanks to my appsprea over the last 10 months. time at employer 5 years one month wich amx app did NOT ask for... now that i think about..... or i was still asleep when i filled out the app i cant remember putting that. 


one last thing.. one of my accounts became 100% vested over the last 30 days so it added 10K to my worth that i included in the app. 


I am older and wiser today THANKS to the members of HAPPY 24th Mrcrush :]


and thanks for the birthday wishes!!

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Re: amazing american express approval

Happy Birthday  awesome way to get in with Amex.


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Re: amazing american express approval

Smiley Very Happy Birthday Dance! Smiley Very Happy & Congrats!

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Re: amazing american express approval

I was STOKED when I was approved NPSL for zync 3 months back!  Good work!


I to look forward to app'ing a amex revolver in January to maximize backdating and 3x cli

5/2012: 560 credit scores across the board
12/2014 750+
3/2017 780+
5/2017 800+
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Re: amazing american express approval

Congrats! welcome to the family!

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