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american express suggestions

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Re: american express suggestions

kents wrote:
i just checked my experian score today and it's 727, but i have a lot of inquiries. is it possible to be approved for an amex card? any opinions on which amex cards are easiest to get?
The only AmEx I have is my Delta SkyMiles card. It will have a $95 annual fee after the 1st year. I also got a free flight with the beginning bonus and a free companion ticket. So, that was 2 free flights. I see that back in August they gave me 15,000 bonus miles. I have no clue why.


The card gives me one mile per dollar spent. I can fly to see my grandkids with 25,000, it works for me. The tickets retail have been about $400...sometimes more. So, for me, in my situation, that's a pretty good return.


For me, it was pretty easy to get. I am a grad student, but I have my husband's income still, so we were approved on a lower income than normal. They only started me with $2k credit limit back in May. But this month it was raised to $6k.


I also have the PenFed rewards VISA. I use the AmEx first and the PenFed second. I also max out whatever category Discover has at the moment. Another poster recommended the AmEx Starwood as a great rewards card...said it was considered the top mileage card because you can cash 20,000 miles in on a variety of airlines for 25,000 miles. I don't know if that's accurate, and I haven't checked it out because I won't apply for any new cards until I graduate in May.


What are you after in a rewards card? Miles or cash back?


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Re: american express suggestions

I would really like a rewards travel card. I'm going to be studying abroad and traveling a lot. My credit age is only a little over a year and I'm still young. With that reason, I think creditors don't want to risk their chances.
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Re: american express suggestions

If you don't have one already, you actually might want to consider getting a card from Cap1. 


(yes, really.)


You're going to be studying/living/traveling abroad, and Cap1 doesn't charge any FETFs.


Those could add up if you're going to be abroad for a year and charging (and PIFing! of course) expenses - may SAVE you more than you would you ever earn in rewards.


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