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amex gold delta

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Re: amex gold delta

i was at the star trek thing about 4 years ago.  dh loved it.  my delta has no af first year.  its a different design but i like it.
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Re: amex gold delta

On the topic of delta... part of the reason I got this card was because I have so many skymiles already I figured it would be a good way to cultivate that points tally... however I'm so pissed with them right now I could almost boycott...

I fly to France a few times a year, and used to fly via BA, but was told by a Delta rep that Air France is their airline partner and the miles from AF would be transferable to Delta Skymiles... a few dozen thousand miles later and I find out that rep didn't know what she was talking about. I just tried pooling my miles between partners and was flatly denied by Delta and AF.

Anyone else use Skymiles have any experience like this? Is there another department I should call?

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