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amex gold pay over time credit line

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amex gold pay over time credit line

A few weeks back a call amex to replace my gold card when i went to activate it i was ask if i wanted the option of pay over time y click yes, today i got a letter with the apr of 18.24% and the credit line of pay over time of 35k, to move charges to pay over time the charge has to be over 100.00. will this prevent me to get a cli on my ed.and will this cl will show in my cr

Chase sp 5k c---------------------------Care credit 4500 cl
Chase mileageplus explorer 5k ---Citi diamond p 2k
Chase mileageplus club 15k ------ Discover it 1.5k
Amex ed 5k -----------------------------Lowe's 10k-----Dinersclub mc 5k
Amex gold npsl plus a 35k cl--------BestBuy 2.1k--Kay's 5k
Sam's mc 4.5k --------------------------Jared 6k
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Re: amex gold pay over time credit line

It will still not show a CL in your reports, and the balance will continue to NOT be counted towards utilization. 


This is basically just an internal thing. 

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