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amex prequals suck!

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Re: amex prequals suck!

@creds wrote:

2/2019: mastercard, $1500 limit

6/2019: discover, $500 limit

they are normal cards, not secured cards

i got both of them before i even had a fico score

I'd apply for AMEX when the Discover card is about six months old. That would give you about ten months of total history.

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Re: amex prequals suck!

@MrCreditInternational wrote:
I actually do have a scholarship, and my banker said I can include it Smiley Happy

Yes, you can use scholarships as income. But earlier in the thread you said “I included my tuition”. Tuition is an expense not income. I’m sure your banker didn’t say to add your tuition in as income. Please say you didn’t do that.

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