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amex question

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amex question

I was recently approved for a zync, it was all I applied for because it was all I thought i would be approved for. However ive recently had 2 baddies come off all of my reports, via dispute/deletion.Im angry with myself for not waiting but I had the itchy trigger finger. My EX score from AMEX was around 660-670 when i was approved.   Im not sure what my EX. score currently  is but my EQ pull yesterday was 720. My EQ and EX reports are totally identical.  I now think that I would qualify for a gold or possibly a BCE. Im a little disapointed to find out that the Zync will never graduate. How long should I wait to apply for the gold? how long until product offers start appearing in my member section? I know AMEX wants you to wait 30 days in between applications for the same card but does this apply to all charge cards. Im pretty sure I could app for the BCE with no problems but not sure if I would be approved. Ive recently added a couple prime cards. I have had fun cutting up the sub prime (BBRZM and CAP1) I had. I currently have 3 INQ's on my EX report. Util at zero except for one reporting at 5%. AAoA is around 3 years. Now that I am in with AMEX should i wait a year till the history shows then app? The problem is all the INQ's are recent so even if I waited they would still be on there in a year, with maybe a small gain in Fico score. Any advice would help. thanks.

Starting Score: 617 EQ 10-17-11
Current Score: EQ 767 TU 769 EX 749 (all FICO but who really knows?)
Goal Score: 800

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Re: amex question

I'm not certain how often they soft for pre-approvals but they don't mean anything really.  All that was showing in mine was charge cards when I apped for BCP and was approved. You can app whenever you want.  It's only with declines that you have to wait.  I am 99% you can PC the Zync after 13 months.  Use it correctly and they would be more than happy to take a higher AF.  I was approved for BCP at 714ish with two 5 year old collections.  Your right on the cusp so if it's what you want app for it.  If declined I would wait a year before trying again.  After a year of history with them I can't see you having any problems. 

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Re: amex question

Are the 3 inquiries within the last 6 months on your EX report?

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Re: amex question

I would recommend waiting at the very least 30 days, more like 4-6 months if you really want to be approved.


AmEx likes to see history with new cardholders, I would advise to wait 4-6 months, do you need the card now?


If you don't need it and just want it, wait the 4-6 months, I think you'll have a much better chance.


Just my opinion, but I always err on the side of caution, so I could be wrong, you could be approved tomorrow for all I know.


Wishing you the Best!!

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Re: amex question

I agree with Mustang.......wait for your EX CR to show zero inquiries for at least 6 months before apping for a 2nd Amex. In the meantime, use your Zync card with pride and PIF.

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