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amex site is broken


Re: amex site is broken

@KJinNC wrote:

I saw the same error message about a credit limit increase in Chrome on a Mac, a couple of days ago. I haven't looked again (decided to wait before applying).


The chat feature vanished for me from Amex's site about a month ago, again Chrome on a Mac. I can only chat now via the mobile app.

Sounds like there may just be some sporadic issues?  I did chat yesterday (Chrome on MacOS 10.15) with no problem (except for the YTD spending total they gave me LOL).

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Re: amex site is broken

I downloaded Firefox on my laptop to test it. Took me awhile because I don't use Firefox but I refuse to use Edge and Chrome has already been reported to be broken on another platform.




It certainly looks like the CLI request page is broken as reported. 

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Re: amex site is broken

@creds wrote:

amex has totally screwed up their website. some people are seeing weirdness on pre-approval pages while it's working correctly for others. so has anyone been able to get a cli out of it? i tried to get a cli and got an error message about a website update.


these website problems have been going on for over a week. i wonder if they even realize they left it in a half-broken state. most site updates happen in a single day. it's ridiculous to leave a site half-broken like this.

I just tried from Internet Explorer, the CLI page gives the "site being updated" screen.

The rest of the site activities, including my Green application and activation, went fine over the last few days.

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Re: amex site is broken

11/7 and I as well get the update error page when trying to do a CLI. 

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go get your amex cli!

the cli page at amex has been down but it's working right now, they're updating the whole website

goooooooood luck! get yours now before it goes down again Smiley Wink

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Re: go get your amex cli!

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Re: go get your amex cli!

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