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anyone apping REI Visa?

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anyone apping REI Visa?

through the end of the month, REI is offering something like a $100 gift certificate for approved REI Visa applicants


thinking of pull the trigger here, as I buy a lot of outdoorsy stuff -- camp stoves, sleeping bags, etc


just trying to get a sense of how choosey these guys are: I have one chargeoff from 2008 (since paid) and a 120 DPD on a student loan (from 2008 also). My latest TU FICO is 719, but my Equifax is much, much lower


also, I want to apply for AmEx BCP in November... don't want to waste an inquiry on this outfit unless I have better than 70/30 odds

Starting Score: 653 (11/1/2011 TransUnion)
Current Score: 719 (5/3/2012 TransUnion) 572 (3/21/2012 Equifax) 762 (4/14/12 VantageScore)
Goal Score: 700

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Re: anyone apping REI Visa?

the REI Visa is through US Bank and they can be conservative and sensitive to derogs.  Here in CA they pull EQ so if your EQ score is not at least above 700 I wouldn't bother.  They are good with recons though if you are able to state your case with them.

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