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anyone try CLI for Citi?


Re: anyone try CLI for Citi?

Checking my reports soon here. When would a new limit after increase appear...after that card statement closes?


All my cards are 0% so no interest accruing anywhere at this point.


Only reason I'd go for Cap1 is because I want to increase my available credit and also pay on my Citi card.


I don't get paid at work for another month. Payoffs aren't in my budget.


All I want is my limit increased with Citi. That's all. I have no available funds to pay off a good chunk at this point,

so that's why I'm considering the Cap1 card.


Why Cap1? Cause I have the offer and there's no BT fee. I've asked the forum what other options but no one has said anything.


Thank you for your input very much Tryon!

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Re: anyone try CLI for Citi?

Typically the new limit appears after the close of the next statement.  Some places you can ask for it to be pushed through (worked with Discover).  AU's can be the same or take two months. 


I understand wanting to grow. 


If you can pay it down in the next 3-4 months, I think you would be in better shape to ask for a CLI from CITI, and then you should also be able to look at getting in with Chase at that point vs. Capital One. 



If you need it now though, take the shot, the worst thing that could happen is a HP. :-)

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Re: anyone try CLI for Citi?

I was denied a CLI with citi the other day even though I have a good record with them.  It seems like they can be a little strict... no HP for me.  I'll try again in 6 months.  Good luck

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Re: anyone try CLI for Citi?

I asked for CLI on my AT&T card last month and they gave me +1000 to my CL. No SP or HP

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