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application still under review???

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application still under review???

hi guys

i applied for bank of america cash back 1 2 3 credit card because it was a good offer and i could use some more cash right now they sent me about 3 pre approved offeres so i was like cool since i was pre approved then when i applied they said my application will be reviewd and its been like that for a bout 2 days now .

and i wonder why they r doing this since they pre approved for 3 different offers thats weird ?? and it takes up to 30 days to get an answer ! thats a hard inquiry i wouldnt have caused if they didnt send me the pre approved offeres ?

so why they r doing this? any idea guys about what would be the reasons

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Re: application still under review???

Did you call to find out?

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Re: application still under review???

Pre approval doesn't mean guaranteed approval when you apply, good luck!

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