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applying nonstop

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Re: applying nonstop

rbbyrbsn wrote:

tessarue wrote:

fused111 wrote:

Consumers Finance Loans = FICO doesn't like em
Department Store Cards  = FICO wants to see one or two

Fused, this may be a stupid question but...what exactly are "Consumer Finance Loans"? Example?

I'm not 100% on this , but I think when a companies extend credit directly rather than a bank. they are giving you IOU, vs a car dealership that gets their money from bank  and you have a IOU for the bank

When I ordered my computer from Dell, and put it on my Dell account, that would be an example of a Consumer Finance Loan, yes?
Would I be better off canceling that account? I PIF as soon as I got the statement (I had been waiting on an insurance settlement - darn lightning!) and haven't charged anything since.
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Re: applying nonstop

Although their CL and Util factor into the 30% mix quite nicely, so I'd say the good outweighs the bad. At least my score jumped 20 points by getting a 12,500 HD card.
Finally made it to 813
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Re: applying nonstop

just applyed for patelco union got 5000.00 i cant stop help!!!
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Re: applying nonstop

I have an HSBC consumer loan, so how is this affecting me?
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