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applying to amex blue cash

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Re: applying to amex blue cash

rob81 wrote:

THanks ... yea I find it strange cap one hasnt increased my CL, I do have rewards on it but do not really care bc the CL so low. My AF is $35 and I accepted at the time bc it was my first card a few years ago


But back to the amex, I hear mixed things about how they treat charge card customers when applying to credit cards. I hope you are right though. 

why the BCP though?

try and get that af removed

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Re: applying to amex blue cash

Creditaddict wrote:

rob81 wrote:

I was also wondering is it better to call  when applying or just apply online? does this even make a difference? I have mixed feelings on this , just wondering your opinion?

BCP because I don't see how you can't make the AF worth it and if you really find you can't then downgrade next year but 6% grocery and bonus!

And to be more specific, "groceries" means anything you buy at a supermarket.  Many of them have a wide range of gift cards to other places, such as stores, restaurants and gas.   If you buy the card at the supermarket, you get 6% cash back, which is equivalent to getting 6% all those other places.  Most people will find it easy to spend the $6K a year, even if their real usual grocery bill is a fraction of that amount.

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Re: applying to amex blue cash

they will totally take off the AF if I agree to upgrade to quicksilver, but no other changes for 6 months if I would have agreed to take it. I really do not get the lack of CLI

I did not know what to do so I just didnt change anything

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Re: applying to amex blue cash

Thanks for the advice on BCP, I actually spoke to my aunt about the BCP today and she said it is def. woth the AF, in a couple weeks it will be one year that I have had an HP and my utilization should reflect on my CR, so I will app then, I will you guys posted on the amex and also if I hear from Crap one

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Re: applying to amex blue cash

Good luck on your app. BCE and BCP are definitely one of the best AMEX IMO.


However, you might need to note that unlike other credit cards, AMEX BCE (and BCP) reward dollars will be posted after the next statement close (one month late).

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