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approved for Hooters-Thanks everyone

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Re: approved for Hooters-Thanks everyone

dnm45227 wrote:
well my wife is not going to be happy, but....
Congratulations! You have been approved for a Hooters MasterCard Card, subject to verification of the information provided in your application. If we need any additional information, we will notify you within the next two weeks. Once the verification process has been satisfied, you will be issued your new card(s). Please allow an additional two weeks for delivery.
looks like i'm going out for wings in a couple of weeks!

WTG, super congrats on your new TLSmiley Happy
Hope your DW understands as compared to mine... lol
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Re: approved for Hooters-Thanks everyone

I think hooters is almost a prime card or it is a prime card.
I have seen starting limits upto 10,000 for that card.
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