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balance trns. questionn

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balance trns. questionn

i did 2 bal. trans. on 2 cc but i maxed out the bt card but p/o 2 cards. how is this going to help my scores????
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Re: balance trns. questionn

I don't think you'll see a significant change since your utilization is staying the same...


I'd wait for a mod to give you a more definite answer though. They're the authority on this sort of thing.

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Re: balance trns. questionn

If you did these BTs onto a new card then your utilization will have improved just by the fact that your new card supplied more available credit but your CC debt remained the same. That can improve your score if you didn't take too big of a score hit by the new card lowering your AAoA plus the few points for an inquiry.


Important thing is it saved you money if you used a 0% BT offer! That's better than points! 

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Re: balance trns. questionn

what does mod mean?? what does aa of a mean?
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Re: balance trns. questionn

Mod = Moderator

AAoA = Average Age of Accounts


IMO, maxing out one card is worse than having two w/ balances (at least two w/ less than 30% util).  It depends on what your goals are -- good score or save money, aka, Fico sense vs fiscal sense.  You decide.


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