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bill me later? hard pull?

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bill me later? hard pull?

Dear all,


I registered a new paypal account, and put my address, birthday , and 4 digits of ssn


I found that I have $250 line for bill me later...   I understood  what I did.


paypal is cheating me ...and put bill me later on the side when I applied a new paypal account.


BILL ME LATER wil have l hard pull on my report.


is there any way I can argue?  should I call bill me later? paypal? or credit bureaus?


thanks  a lot



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Re: bill me later? hard pull?

bill me later is a hard pull to open the account, but it is a great account to have since it is not reported.  I used to use it frequently, but it is not offered on where I currently make the majority of my ebay purchases.

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Re: bill me later? hard pull?

I called paypal. they transferred me to bill me later.


they closed my account, but can not remove  the hard pull on my report.


ask me to dispute  with credit beuraus


Is there any person disputed successfully?

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Re: bill me later? hard pull?

Somehow, you probably gave them permission to pull your credit and open a bill me now account for you if you qualified - I suggest reading all those pages of text where you clicked "I Agree".


Personally, I think you made a big dumb mistake: you got all upset over the hardpull but received a new line of credit - now you close the credit account and are still stuck with the hardpull.


You won't be able to dispute that hardpull with Experian, Equifax, or Trans Union.


Congratulations: you have a brand new hardpull and now nothing to show for it.

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Re: bill me later? hard pull?

You did get screwed over but I agree, you should have just stuck with your new line of credit.
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Re: bill me later? hard pull?

Lol @ poster above. Salt in the wound

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Re: bill me later? hard pull?

May I asked bill me later to reopen my account??


I just asked them close the account this morning.

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Re: bill me later? hard pull?

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Re: bill me later? hard pull?

I just called them to reopen my account.


there is only soft pull for reopenning .


I feel bad....


I already have 12 hard pulls in the past year...

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Re: bill me later? hard pull?

I'd call them and see if they will reopen the account. It doesn't hurt to try.

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