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blue cash amex vent!

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Re: blue cash amex vent!

They may not be from the United States all of the time, but they are always nice and efficient with what they do. You didn't indicate that you had difficulty, so why does it matter what country the person is in/from?

lg8302ch wrote:
I am also a bit frustrated about their customer service..why? When I applied I did not go through the link of cardmatch so I got the lower sign up bonus and the higher APR. My own fault and I accept. Since my 0 APR will end shortly and I still get the 12,99% APR offers through cardmatch I called to see if it can be matched. Now it comes..Amex wants me to re-apply for the same card and then cancel the present BCP...really? I thought I did not hear right but it is serious as I called a 2nd time and had been told the exact same! way I am going to apply for a card that I already have but for sure Amex will never get a dime in interest from me. It will be a PIF card! If I ever want to carry a balance for a couple of months then not on Amex Smiley Sad as on of the highest APR cards !.....I am not sure where my call got answered but it looks the csr were on a script both times.

Chase will match, but only if it's within ninety days of approval. No issuer will let you wait almost one year to then ask if you can be matched to another offer. American Express won't match even if it's one day after you were approved. So they aren't alone in not matching offers like you described.

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Re: blue cash amex vent!

This idea of national identity having a bearing on customer service is interesting. There is no denying that it is difficult to communicate about complex matters across cultural, transnational, and language barriers. I have mostly spoken to the CSRs for AmEx new accounts. I am not sure where they are. They have sort British-Indian accents, but they speak English like native speakers. They were always helpful and able to answer my questions. I must say though, the people who work in call centers outside of the U.S. frequently have no power to do anything regarding your account, outside of the usual address changes, accounts closures, script readings, and making payments. Anytime I ask a CSR from outside the U.S. about something complicated, I tend to get transferred to a rep in the U.S.
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