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boa chasing down the balance beware


Re: boa chasing down the balance beware

I received a call from B of A at 745am this morning and the rep asked all sorts of questions regarding employment, income, etc...  I had recently done a balance transfer at 0% (have it until Mar. '10) but this is the one transfer I will do.  They reduced my credit limit by $6500, had been at $17500 and my balance is under for $4,000.  I'll have it paid off before March so I will be ok but I was concerned when the option was removed when I checked my account online.  I called B of A and she told me the 0% still is good through Mar '10 but if I needed to do another transfer, I would have to call in.  I think I will stick with Citi as my primary card since I've had them for 17+ yrs and they've never treated me like this.
01/08/09 (TU: 786 - EQ: 784 - EX: 762)
11/19/09 (TU: 787 - EQ: ? - EX: ?)
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