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bofa pleaseeeeee help

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bofa pleaseeeeee help

ok.I had bank of america when I was 16 years old, a check & savings account that I did some dumb things with & got it closed for & reported to chexsystems & my credit reports as "fraud" :smileysad: well that was in 2008, im now 18 & wanted a secured card with them, although I disputed them with my credit reports & got them removed, they still remain on my chex report. I called the bank & I owe tem $260.00. In order for it to get removed they said I had to fill out this forgery form, but I didnt want to do it. Well I applied for a secured card & it approved me?.. I called the 1-800 # & was told that the credit department & the checking account department is different but it states in the computer that I owe $0, which I know I dont, I owe $260. Anyways its been a week & I called back to double-check & turns out im still approved but they didnt get my deposit. I REALLY want this card. I got 2 questions tho. Do you think when I told the rep I owed money that he put a note on my account or anything? Do you think that they will take my secured card deposit funds & put it towards the checking account at a later time? im wondering if it says $0 because its still under investigation with the fraud department? advice anyone? :smileyindifferent:


update, I spoke with a lady from the crdit department & she indeed informed me they will not take the deposit for the checking account but I heard alot of represenitives that have lied to me before other then bofa so wat would u do? take the risk or no?

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Re: bofa pleaseeeeee help

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