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cap 1 after bk

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cap 1 after bk

Pulled the trigger after link showed prequal. Got approved $750 limit. This after 20mos of chp7 discharge and including cap 1 in my bk.they def do give u a second the platinum card ..plan to use very little and pif. Equifax 06/03/11 655 fico Trans 06/12/11 655 fico Exp 03/06/11 664 fico (credit union) Current utilization on all cards 13% Current First premier $700 BBRMC $500 Secured MC $3000
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Re: cap 1 after bk

Congrats tquint14,


Way to go!  And congrats on your plan to PIF.


Is your overall utilization 13% or do you have 13% on each card?  (I'm guessing it's the former, just checking).


For your very best FICO scores, the general mantra is to have one card report less than 9% balance; and all other cards reporting a zero balance.  When you hit that goal, it may be time to kiss that stinky First Premier card (lovingly) goodbye!  You've grown well beyond having to pay their fees!


Now's also a good time to rest the app finger.  I note from your other post, that you're considering a Walmart card - waiting until after six months of good reporting on your new Cap One card is a good idea.  That increased age is very very helpful, and even if you close FP (I would strongly consider that if your utilization is down, there's no balance on FP, and only one card is reporting a balance) you'll still have three cards open - that's a fine number to work with.


Congrats again!! Glad CapOne put you back in the saddle. Smiley Tongue

Just puttin' syrup on something, don't make it pancakes.
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