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cap on monthly rewards with Chase Freedom

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Re: cap on monthly rewards with Chase Freedom

Ok, here's my bonus 2%,
LOL, long story short everyone on here was on track.  your highest 3 categories get a bonus 2% in earnings for up to the first $600 in purchases.  So what would have been $6 in earnings would be $18.
I just got approved for the Freedom card on recon for 2k CL.  And I'm sure I'll like it.'s my big question....I have a Cap 1 no hassle points rewards card.  I had really bad credit when I got it so I got the $300 limit and credit steps....called the back door raised to $600.  Then steps added $500 and took me to $1100.
I get 1 point for every dollar I spend.
Now for every gas, grocery store and drug store purchase I get quintuple points.  5 points / dollar. 
Now a lot of their merchandise is over priced in redemption but the gift cards are great, any gift card $50 and greater is the best rate.  5,000 pts = $50  10,000pts = $100. 
Now if I spend $1000 in gas I earn enough for a $50 gift card.  5% earnings basicly.  UNCAPPED.  Now you have to make sure you don't get the prime card as it is no annual fee and only double points for those bonus categories.
Now the card DOES have a $29 annual fee but once you put $1450 in gas purchases on it the extra 2% over 3% cards would pay for itself....
I know this isn't CASH...but I know I can find gift cards for what I plan on buying anyway not just buy something I wasn't planning on. 
I need a kitchen-aid mixer.  (cap one offers it at a redemption rate = $529.00)
Target and other places offer the 6 quart variety at $399-$499 offers it for $339 and free shipping.
Cap1 offers gift cards for  so I'm saving to 30,000 points getting $300 in gift cards and buying my mixer.
I'll have put $6000 through in gas and grocery purchases...not too hard with pricing now...and the only thing I will have paid is the annual fee of $29 and received $300 worth of items. 
Someone with $600/mo for 10 months at the 2% bonus would earn $180.
$300 - $29 annual fee = $271 vs. $180 Freedom  and the freedom you would HAVE to wait the 10 months to realize that full amount.
I just plan on using my Freedom for my utilities and my cap 1 for my grocery store, gas, pharmacy and PIF both...but I have yet to find a better rewards uncapped at 5%.
Sorry for the long post.
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