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cap one CLI

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cap one CLI

I called Cap One today to ask for a CLI given that my accounts have been open for a year on 8/10, I have a perfect payment record and PIF every month, I have a good income ($120k me, $230k household) and I get pre-approved offers every week for Cap One Cash Rewards with a limit of $3000. I have two cards with them now, each with a limit of $750. My FICO score is ~650, which is better than the 575 it was in June of last year. 


I was denied, and I asked what I could do to get the CLI and I was told that I needed to "work with the account." What that means, I have no idea and the agent wouldn't explain it. I was told there was no way to appeal the decision or to find out why I was denied; I will get a letter but it will say "you were denied because we denied you." 


I am so frustrated I could spit. What can I do? Is it worth calling the backdoor number? Can I get another card and dump these bozos? 

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Re: cap one CLI

Cap1s policy is to not accept customer initiated CLIs. They'll give you one when they feel like it, which may be never.

I called the exec office for the first time today about an issue i had with my card though, the csr was able to resolve my issue and tacked a $50 balance credit on to my account too, so they're helpful, but i dont know if a cli request warrants them.

You can aleays close your cards, the accounts will report on your CRs for 10 years. If you have AF i would suggest just waiting to close till they're due, and of you don't have a lot of high limits i would app for another card you want before closing so any balances you have won't skyrocket your util from closing.
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