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capital one backdoor number no longer works

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Re: capital one backdoor number no longer works

Yes it works!


Had the Cap One since May 07. $300, then Credit Steps to $500. Called several times, nothing.


Then I saw this thread a few weeks back. I called, and the lady was awesome. She gave me $300 to $800. I told her I hardly ever used it and I said I needed to go Christmas shopping but $500 wasn't going far. She said she was going to give me more "flexibility", and even asked if my card was in good condition, or did I need a new one!


I passed on the new card, and I've used it a bit this month.


The cool thing is the confirmation letter. They said "we are showing our commitment to you" by raising my CL.


I don't care if it is corny. I don't care if it's $800. It makes me want to use their card more.



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Re: capital one backdoor number no longer works

the cap one CSR said the card should be two years old from date it first opened (24 statements) with good payment history to have any ground to negotiate better APRs/fees/or upgrade to a better card. She said this is generally the case.


My Cap One visa was opened in 11/07 with a 300 CL (I was surprised they even gave me a card after years of being declined). I got the rebuilder card that has a CL cap of $3000. The card went up to $500 after three statements (2/08) then to $1000 in 8/08 and now to $1500 (1/09) using backdoor number. I always requested CLIs using the automated system because i didn't know about the backdoor numbers until recently.


I got a $500 mastercard in 10/08 with a credit steps letter. It said I would get a CLI after three billing statements (as long i was in good standing). After my third statement I called CSR and I was told the increase would be reflected in my fifth statement (2/2009). I called the backdoor number last sunday. I asked and was given a $500 increase on this card. I am not sure if credit steps are still going to kick in on Feb 2009 but I sure hope so.


Hope this answers your question.

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Re: capital one backdoor number no longer works

I called the number. After i got my card in November, i though i would tryWell they told me they are not giving out CLI's at this time ( duuh?) but i thought i would try anyway. Yes the number does work though. I am enrolled in the "credit steps" so maybe ill get it by then (in may?)
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