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card recommendation for me??

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card recommendation for me??

Hi all,


I have been rebuilding my credit for the last year and have made great progress.   I have come from the 400's to the mid to upper 600's.   I have a new mortgage Smiley Happy only a few months old.     I currently only have one cc which is with Orchard bank with a 600.00 limit so I am looking to get myself a grown up card now that I have improved my credit.


I have one open cc Orchard Bank $60.00/$600.00  Never late

My last late payment was 2.7 years ago

I have about 4 collections that are unpaid medical, last one added in 2007

new mortgage added in May


Any suggestions on a card that would offer a good credit limit?  I don't care about the reward programs.  I am not a member of any military branch.


thanks for your help!

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Re: card recommendation for me??

for best results work on resolving the medical claims and perhaps gw removal of the late b4 app.  otherwise, a local/regional cu or bank would probably be a good place to start.
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Re: card recommendation for me??

Find your credit card here, there are links to whatever credit cards you want..Tons of them!!
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