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Re: cardmatch

My partner did it and received "Exclusive Offers" from Amex for 4 cards and did the BCP and got instant approval and the $250 bonus and 15 month 0%.

He was approved instantly.

All others offers are not called "exclusive" and didn't do any.

he did the pre-approvals at citi, chase, and a bank of america by mail and did those and were instant.

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Re: cardmatch

What kind of limits has BCP been giving? Is that $250 bonus ending soon?
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Re: cardmatch

It will obviously depend on credit score but I just recieved a $9k limit on Friday using cardmatch.

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Re: cardmatch

TheSpeculator wrote:
What kind of limits has BCP been giving? Is that $250 bonus ending soon?

Min. $2k I think.

I had no idea about the $250, that is special offer... on amex website it's only 150 i think. and 6 months not the exclusive 15 months.

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Re: cardmatch

I've been matched for many. I applied for the PRG and was approved.

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Re: cardmatch

toppers555 wrote:

Any actually apply for any of the offers you were provided? I just submitted info and it  is giving me offers for all of Capitol one venture cards. 

I've never gotten any offers except for Cap1 Cards, which I don't want any more I haven't apped for any of their recommendations.

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Re: cardmatch

Have you tried deleting cookies and temporary files from your browser or try a different browser? Doing that may result in more offers. Smiley Happy

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Re: cardmatch

I was matched with AMEX BCE, BCP, and Gold Delta Skymiles, yet I got denied for Discover iT (Student Version) and got denied the AMEX Green Charge Card. LOL.

No way this thing is accurate lol.

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Re: cardmatch

As the old saying goes, pre-selected doesn't mean approved ... Sorry to hear.

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Re: cardmatch

LS2982 wrote:
Does anyone know for sure what bureau they SP for offers?

I saw them on my softs on TU.

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