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chase address verification

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chase address verification

I applied a chase freedom online and was told to call the customer service.

Then during the call I was asked to provide the verification of address.


The tricky thing is I just moved to a friend's place and of course all lease and utility bills are not under my name. 

But I told them that I had one mail which came with my name and that new address. The guy over the phone said that might be fine.


I have a chase checking account but I forgot to update my address after I moved( as I chose paperless statement so I don't expect them in mail) and my last statement was just issued a couple of days ago with my old address.


I went ahead and just faxed them the mail that I got with the new address. What else can I do?  Anybody had such a problem before?


Or can I ask them to change the address back to my previous address so I could have several statements ready ?


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Re: chase address verification

Odds are you're not the onlyu one in the universe which has gone through this with Chase.  Especially these days.


I wouldn't worry about it, if they give you some song and dance offer up the old address which'll likely match your deposit account and what the current tradelines reporrt to your credit report.  Just work with them, if they ask for something silly, provide it.

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