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citi aadvantage card?

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citi aadvantage card?

Hi All! 


Quick question-- I keep getting offers to apply for the Citi Aadvantage card (I'm talking AT LEAST once a week).  Anyone know the value of these offers or is it just a random thing?  How often does one get approved for these, and if so, what scores are generally needed?  Any baddies allowed?  I currently have a Citi Aadvantage Business Card from my work, so I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the offers.


As always, thanks in advance for the help!

2/26/11 TU 661 EQ 653
5/27/11 TU 680 EQ 679
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Re: citi aadvantage card?

you can churn the Citi AA cards!


happy reading Smiley Wink

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