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citi cli twice in one month

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citi cli twice in one month

I have been getting my "luv button" soft increases every three/four months on all three Citi accounts. The first of this month I had the button appear and accepted the increase. Logged on last night and I had my first CLI without the button. I did spend a few hundred more this month and had not paid my bill yet.

This may be normal for some , but was a real surprise for me.

I have great apr with them (5.25) (not special), high limits and the pleasure of feeling they want to reward good credit practices. That is almost rare these days.


I hope others are doing well with them.


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Re: citi cli twice in one month

I had the same thing happen in March. Two increases on the same account in one month. In my case I had not used the card in about a month.

I got the usual 1800, by accepting the button, and then the surprise was for 1000. This brings it up to 22500.

For people who have asked before..........I had some bad circumstances with Citi fifteen years ago and they have not held it against me at all.



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