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citibank/ATT universal card contacts


citibank/ATT universal card contacts

would someone be able to share these contacts with me? I'm looking for someone higher up to correct my account. I have been on a payment plan  and they autodebit money each month, well someone at citi changed my due date once as requested and then the next debit was not taken out. Then got a letter the day it was due saying I broke the agreement (had 0% APR and less than 1 year to pay off) Twice I had called and have reference codes stating provong this was adjusted. spoke several times to the forbearance sept and they said it needed review, but shouldn't be a problem. Spoke to another person did this all over again on 1/10/13 and then got a call yesterday stating it was denied 12/31/12 because I never contacted them back. They said they called, no messages. I have no letters, emails from them. Now they kacked my APR to 9.2% and late fees. This isn't even my fault, I held up to my agreement, they didn't, now I have to pay for it?? They told me nothing could be done its too late. I asked for a supervisor and they said they didn't have one. Won't give me any numbers, emails or addresses. I would like to find someone higher up to help rectify this, I plan on paying the account, just want this corrected. Thanks for any advise or help!

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