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credit card report date

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credit card report date

hi everyone! i start working on my credit to be able to buy a house next year! Smiley Happy

i have 3 credit cards below 15% cause those credit cards are from my dad so i dont deal with that. 

Now...i have a capital one for $500 credit. I haved maxed out for the last year so the plan is to use it in full every month and make full payment every month as well to reach a better credit limit...but the Q is, if my due date is the 14, when the credit card report to de boreau? I want to pay in full and leave like $50 open to be paid on the regular due im planing to pay the $450 on the 7th ... i dont know if is work like that and when i can use again the credit card....


thanks in advance!

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Re: credit card report date

Your balance on statement day is what gets reported to the CRA, you would need to payoff the previous months statement balance by the due date to avoid interest and be sure to pay most of the new charges as well if you want $50 to report.

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