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credit limit increase

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Re: credit limit increase

They only place you might find it is on a purchased FICO report.
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Re: credit limit increase

Ok I found the info on myfico report. Here it is:


Your oldest account was opened
12 Years, 4 Months agoFICO High Achievers [?] opened their oldest account 19 years ago, on average.


Average age of your accounts
7 yearsMost FICO High Achievers [?] have an average age of accounts between 6 and 12 years.


If my mother is able to add me as an AU how old does her cc need to be? If the account have had any lasts in the past or reached the credit limit, should I reconsider or.......try to use another card (my mother has approx 6 cc).  How clean does the cc report need to be?

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Re: credit limit increase

Your oldest accounts and age of accounts is actually pretty good. I'm not sure I would be adding an AU and driving myself in harder scoring buckets with a problematic CBR. It could actually hurt you. Better to focus on cleaning up what you can,
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Re: credit limit increase

Thanks for the advise, I will keep working on my rebuild and keep everone update to my road of homeownership.  thanks again forum buddies
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