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credit one bank/bank of marin

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credit one bank/bank of marin

Forgive me if this has already been addressed.

I have a couple of questions about this one. I have a CreditOne Bank card. I've had it for about 2 years, and will soon be paying off the balance, sending them an additional amount to cover my annual fee (which they take out in "payments" of $5.95 wach month), and wishing to close it. However, I've been reading a lot of bad reviews stating they refuse to cancel your card, and that if they do, they will actually keep charging you after it's closed and the balance paid off.

Can someone tell me if there is some loophole that these poor people are missing in order to cancel this card, and just be done with it forever?

The next is, is there a way to pay this company online without incurring a fee? I know it's not possible on their website, but if I have bill pay through my bank...?

Last of all, and this may sound like an odd question, but if you send them a money order through like Western Union, do they still charge that payment fee? I'm asking this because I read somewhere that when you send them a personal check they charge it like a ACH.


The card itself is a good re-builder, but I've found their CSRs and Collections departments to be both harassing, inconsistent with their policies between agents and extremely rude. (To give an example - I'm not overdue, nor am past my due date, however, their Collections department has seen fit to call me anyway.) Hence it's been, unfortunately, more trouble than it's worth - for me at least. Also, the fee for being charged for online payments I've found rather vexing.
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Re: credit one bank/bank of marin

I do not nor never have had this card, but I would think if you pay it in full and once it posts a zero bal. then you should be able to close it.  I would not recommend closing with a bal. on it.  When does your AF come due?  If you can pay the balance and it posts before the AF is due then you should not have to pay it.  Be sure you keep a close watch so they dont charge it then show you as late.  Good Luck .  Tks Vicki
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Re: credit one bank/bank of marin

I have this card and it is a good credit builder. There is no one time AF on the card. AF is split into monthly fee of $5.95 / month and spread of 12 months. I had the card for last 18 months and I did not had any problem with them. I always did a PIF and they increased CL by $100 every six months. As greyhound said, I would suggest paying off the account in full and then close it. If you just close it and leave balance then they might continue charging the monthly fee. I have no idea how that works. My suggestion is pay it off in full and then close it.
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Re: credit one bank/bank of marin

My wife and I both had one of their cards. We just paid them in full and called and asked for them to be closed. They promptly closed the accounts and reported them as closed paid in full current status to all CBs.
Hope that helps!
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