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credit repair almost done....time to plant some seeds and to help?

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credit repair almost done....time to plant some seeds and to help?

Thanks for everything everyone...I finally closed on my 1st home loan...(covered in Mortgages Forum)
now I filed the disputes I've been sitting on for 2 weeks (DV and 2nd DV no response by 3 companies....)   after they correct and I am down to 1 baddie from 2004 on 2 accounts and baddie free on the last I am hitting my CU and one other CC that pulls TU (only 1 INQ from the home loan) and one other CC and I am done with applying for credit for at least a year...(except I might need to apply for a car loan...but that's only of one of our cars finally dies.)
Any suggestions for a TU pulling bank (not interested in Hooters thanks).  I had a dream the other night I applied and was approved for a $3500 credit line.  (not a lot I know)
current cards. with limits and age
HSBC $250  2 years
1st premier x2    1.5 years 1 year  $500 $350
Embrace (FBOD) 7 mos  $364
Cap1 6 mos $600
only card reporting a balance is 1 First Premier for $350 (I missed paying it off in full to report by 1 day)
scores before baddies are deleted are TU 643 Eq 630 Ex 625....
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Re: credit repair almost done....time to plant some seeds and to help?

If you're actually in Minnesota, as opposed to from Minnesota, see if you can figure out who US Bank pulls. They seem to vary in their CRA's though. There are a couple of threads currently going on about them, and they seem perfect for someone in your position who doesn't want to hit EQ for a credit union app. (Although a CU would also be perfect.)

Barclays pulls TU, but they can be pretty scary.

edit to add: although there's a grumpy entry on about US Bank requiring 670's minimum. I'm not sure that's true, though; check the threads here.

You might need to let things cook for a bit and let your scores rise some more.

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