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credit reporting and payments

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credit reporting and payments

I carry a balance. Smiley Embarassed but if I charge anything, I pay half of my current balance + my current charge.  When I do this, the CCC reports smaller HC for the month but shows a large payment for the month.  Shouldn't the CCC report the total amount charged, plus the total amount paid that month? or would that go against me showing that I'm using too much of my credit...


I always ensure that my balance is lower than the month prior on my credit report. showing that i'm paying my current charges in full + paying my balance down.  am i doing this the right way?


one cc reported... i spent $102 in the store this month... i made 2 payments totalling $65 - leaving me with a balance of $37... my plan is to pay this down to $10 to allow it to report or should i pay in full?


Account Owner:Individual Account. High Credit:$37  
Type of Account Revolving loans have an amount owed which varies from month to month, like a credit card.:RevolvingCredit Limit:$500  
Term Duration: Terms Frequency:Monthly (due every month) 
Date Opened:09/09/2013  Balance:$37  
Date Reported:10/12/2013 Amount Past Due: 
Date of Last Payment:09/2013 Actual Payment Amount:$65  
Scheduled Payment Amount:$25  Date of Last Activity:10/2013 




FICO Scores: (EX-735-11/12) EQ-757-12/03 (TU-750-11/12)
Discover FICO: 756 - 12/17 Walmart FICO: 750-1/06
USAA FAKO: EX-742 EQ-761 TU-761

Macys $7.2k - NFCU $24k - Discover $6.8k - Cap One $3500 - Nordstrom $3.5k - Wells Fargo $1k - Walmart $4.5k- The Limited $2.5k- Victoria's Secret $2.2k- Bloomingdales $2k- JCP $700
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