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Re: cardmatch

Anyone know which bureau it does the SP on?

EQ FICO 548 3/3/16
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Re: cardmatch

It's TU.

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Re: cardmatch

My scores are low, in the neighborhood of 600 currently. I have a Capital One Secured $475, A Quicksilver One $500, and Kays $2000. thinks I should apply for a First premier, lol. 


I'll take that as, don't apply for anything for the next two years.

$1,000 Amex ED, Amex PRG- NPSL,$5,000 Quicksilver Visa, $3750 CO Quicksilver One, $3,300 BarclayCard Rewards,$2000 Paypal Credit, $3500 Walmart, $1700 Target. $5000 Kay Jewlers, $3500 Amazon Prime Store Card, $1,600 Discover IT

652 EQ 661 TU 650 EX 4/19/2016
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