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discover back date?

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discover back date?

before i make any calls has anyone ever heard or have had luck getting a discover back dated? i had a discover from 98-07 you all know how the story goes, young and dumb that lead to crash and burn.  Discover was one of the easier companies for me to work with they closed the account, but dropped the interest rate to something like 8%   till i paid the 4k+ i owed back in full. a back date to 98 would be very sweet indeed, but i believe Amex is the only company that does so. Amex auto back dated my bce to 11 when i got it this yr

Amx BCE-15k,Amx Zync-NSPL
Barclay's Mastercard-10.5k
Credit Union Visa-1k
Discover-19k, Khols-2k
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Re: discover back date?

Unfortunately, Discover does not "back date".  AMEX (Centurion Bank) is the only lender that offers such unique benefit.

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