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do you use your blispay card?

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Re: do you use your blispay card?

wanderingbuilder wrote:


haha well the desktop site 'worked' but since they HP'd me then pretended I am not a real person I can't use one either. *shrug*

Yeah, I flunked their online ID test as well. It sked me to pick my phone # from when I lived in Las Vegas - that was 12 years ago, I have enough trouble remembering my current phone # as I rarely call to talk to myself. Then it asked a question about a CC & gave me the last 4 digits, it didn't sound familiar and I even checked my wallet before answering No - zinged right to the 7-10 day letter response. The letter arrived earlier this week and said declined because unable to confirm identity. But it had a number to call, the rep said if I faxed copies of my DL, SS card & recent utility bill they would recon. Fingers crossed.


If I get it I'll use it, mostly for the 6 month deferred interest, and occaisional 2% rewards based on billing cycle - an old habit of mine from back when they used to pay you something for having money in a bank, I use a card right after the statement, then switch to the next card just after its statement to maximize cash flow.

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Re: do you use your blispay card?

I use mine frequently. Have 900+ cashback the first year.


If the limitless ever arrives for my state usage may drop but I do not like redemption minimums so we will see.


I daily drive and special purchase it. The key is to simply add up what you have left on your promos and make sure you at least pay the difference before the due date.


I have yet to find another option available to me that is straight 2% or better without a fee. some have said they have > 2% card, would love to know which ones exist with no fees and no hoops.


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Re: do you use your blispay card?

paperchasers wrote:

signed up for it when it came out and never used it. takes only check payments when I push my payments among other things. you guys still have it or is it closed?

I only obtained my earlier this year ($,7500 SL), and just used it for the first time to purchase some furniture for the home office ($1,600). I love that they show you how much cashback you're going to get on each purchase, and exactly when your 6 month APR is going to expire. 


Easily one of the most transparent credit card companies I've ever worked with. 

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Re: do you use your blispay card?

This has become one of my favorite cards. My wife and I both have it, hers is unused. I did all of my Christmas shopping on my card and just paid off the charges. I like that they credit my payments in the correct order. Ongoing, I plan to place certain large ($200+) non-category spend on this card, other non-category spend will go on my DoubleCash. 

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Re: do you use your blispay card?

I rarely use mine.  In 3 weeks it will have been a year and I've yet to use the special financing even once (which is why I think I applied for it in the first place) as I always PIF anyway.  I've used it probably a dozen times throughout the last year just for small purchases to show usage, but that's it.  Blispay is probably my biggest regret card simply because I have almost no use for it.  I think it's probably a great product for those that actually have a use for the 0% for 6 months (and maybe one day I will) but because I never do, it sort of serves no purpose in my wallet.

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Re: do you use your blispay card?

I have used it twice since I got it last August. I think both were for financing, which I only let linger for about two months just to test it. I really don't have much use for the card but I love seeing it in my wallet, knowing that if I need it, it's there.

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