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finally got a card


finally got a card

so over the past 5 years i have been fixing my credit after really messing it up during college, with collections and lates, and charge off's. my score back when i got out of college was 520. i have periodically tried applying for credit cards here and there but always get disapproved inspite of my recent credit history being very good, no lates or anything. i travel constantly so the orchard bank card i have with a limit of 1800 has not been enough. i end up maxing it out. and having to pay it off before the end of the month to try and use it again, for hotel bookings and rental cars. 


well i applied for amazon visa and nfcu visa. neither were instant approvals. the amazon card was approved after a short phone call with them however i dont know what the limit is yet. the nfcu card is still in review as they requested proof of income. 



equifax 710

transunion 678


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Re: finally got a card

Welcome to the forums, sufur!


Congrats on the Amazon card, and it sounds like it's looking good for the NFCU card, too!


Let us know...

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Re: finally got a card

congrats! glad you were able to get a cc, i too were in the same boat and trying to recover from college and rebuild mycredit.

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Re: finally got a card

Congratulations on getting another card- I'm sure more will follow after that one.


After College I did the worst thing possible to mess up my credit- I defaulted on my student loans.  Since then I have paid off all my student loans and making that last payment was a great feeling.  I noticed that paying off old student loans really helps your fico.  On top off that I got into trouble with my first credit cards!


You said you have been "fixing" your credit for 5 years.  Just remember that most everything falls off your report after 7 years- if they haven't dispute them.  It sounds like you are moving in the right direction- with new trade lines and a little time all your bad credit will just age off your reports and you will just have the good credit trade lines.





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Re: finally got a card

well i finally got approved for the nfcu visa as well with a 10k limit. im quite happy at this point. seems things are generally progressing in a good direction. now if i could just refinance my car and house id be set.

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