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Re: fingerhut

On my credit report it says CIT

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Re: fingerhut

Thanks i read that on there web site.But do you know who they pull?
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Re: fingerhut

@cartercorp wrote:
Thanks i read that on there web site.But do you know who they pull?

Right! It's backed by CIT and they pulled my EQ report (my WORST score Smiley Mad ) this morning, I'm in NY by the way Smiley Happy!

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Re: fingerhut

@mrsanderson wrote:
lol yeah i think its backed by chase also but i like fingerhut but i dont like mail orders urggggggggg they get crap wrong! 


Fingerhut credit is financed by CIT Bank (not Citi) out of Salt Lake City, Utah.  This is the same bank who backs BillMeLater and 


They (CIT) pull EQ exclusively.  I'm not sure about reporting (BillMeLater does not report because there is not a credit line, you get approved or declined each time you use it through a soft inq).



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