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generate pre approvals

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Re: generate pre approvals

scottwagnon wrote:

umm. thats amex. im not actually having my credit hard pulled, but certainly a ton of soft pulls. i don't plan on 'fishing' either until i know i am good and ready. FR? you mean cause i just got a gold card combined with 'maxing out' the credit check tool? Smiley Surprised

haulingthescoreup wrote:

Keep us posted if you wind up "artificially generating" a Financial Review. Smiley Wink

Sorry, that wasn't fair of me. I was being facetious. Smiley Tongue I do get nervous when I read posts like this, because I tend to worry about the law of unintended consequences.


If you're not getting hard inqs, you'll probably be OK, because your other lenders can't see the softs.

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Re: generate pre approvals

scottwagnon wrote:

 i'm just interested in working the system to my advantage so i can 'fish' out the very finest pre approvals mankind has to offer. i want to use banks against each other so i can benefit from them i guess the way you do. i guess im just not interested in building capital, but rather credit and options from this concept.

Thinking outside the box, and exploring the unknowns of a secretive system, that is inherently stacked against the consumer, is not a bad thing. I have done a lot of guesswork and testing of my theories for over a decade now. I am satisfied that I have done what I have set out to do. I obtained my 800 FICO goal and weathered the credit bubble collapse with no adverse action (yet). I have received not even one credit limit reduction.


 I have always taken every credit building step, while considering how that step might be viewed by the credit system barons. I went beyond just doing what would be conventional best practices. I endeavored to paint a picture of my financial life that the banks would be happiest to see. My financial position actually caught up to and exceeded the picture I carefully created over the years. Now that I have won I am just getting ready for the bigger game that is already beginning. Surviving the financial roler coaster ride that is now ahead of us.


You say that you are not interested in building capital, nor was I for decades. Credit is only one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is savings (you call capital).


You are a lot like me. You just want to see how far you can explore a concept and what you might achieve after you learn what is at the end of that investigation.  I did not set out only to survive in, or even beat the established credit system. Because it was so secretive I wanted to master the system if for no other reason than the system is used to master us. The irony is that when learning to build & master credit effectively, one automatically must learn how to acquire and save capital. The more I applied what I learned in financial & credit forums the easier it was to increase my net worth without even trying. It was all part of the game. 


The world financial picture is going to get worse before it gets better. That doesn't mean that we can't enjoy ourselves. We must be vigilant and explore carefully the financially unknown territory we as a nation are heading into.  Much of what we are up against is hidden from us just like the mysteries of credit scoring. I encourage you to take your investigations where ever they lead you. Experiment to your hearts content.


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Re: generate pre approvals

I still don't understand what the point is.  Why do you want these preapprovals?  Are you trying to get targeted for bonus offers or are you more concerned with the the actual card offer? Do you think that you have better chances of being approved because you got the preapproval versus applying blind?

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