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how to best approach CLI call to Citi

how to best approach CLI call to Citi

I have the Simplicity. $1600 limit that is a month away from me having it six months, the time most of my cards' sites say to request a CLI

if one is not automatically given come that time with your card.

The Simplicity is a different beast, though. There is no penalty for being late. I have 0% for purchases and BT's until January 2014.

$0 balance.


I want a higher limit come the sixth month for a balance transfer. It would be super helpful. The fee is 3%. This can be done at anytime

but I either use the BT offer before 12/2013 or I don't get the 0%.


So I figured I will call Citi CS next month if they do not give an AUTO CLI, which all my other cards do, and ask for one.


Questions being: What is a reasonable amount to ask for? Again, my limit is 1,600. The balance I'd like to bring over is 3,700.

I have been told you can request up to 3x your current limit and say it's for a balance transfer and THEN do the transfer WITH the CS so they know you're not joking.

I would be completely fine with that or even just doubling my limit to 3,200.

I am not going to respond with how I've used the card or if I PIF, because with my other cards, I don't use them the way most people use their cards and have always

been auto CLI'ed without calling in and always for good amounts.

How should I best approach this call?


Thanks to all who answer!


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Re: how to best approach CLI call to Citi

Citi will counter if you ask for too much. Usually this is a SP and if you don't accept they will HP for more.

Either way, I would explain to them the exact reason you want an increase.
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Re: how to best approach CLI call to Citi

Is just the reason: "I'm really looking for a credit limit increase from my current $1,600 to $3,700 for another credit account I have that I would like to transfer over to my Simplicity card. I can provide proof of employment, monthly/annual gross or net income. I've proven that I pay on time and DEFINITELY have used my card."

I don't want to sound desperate, because I'm not really. It's just something that would be simply the easiest course to take. Any increase would be great.


Does anyone know what Citi usually likes to do? Any patterns amongst us cardholders?

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Re: how to best approach CLI call to Citi

Once you've had the card for six months, put in a request. I managed to get my Forward cl raised from $500 to $3000 last month. 

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Re: how to best approach CLI call to Citi



There is a link online to request credit limit increase and I could also call in. Have you ever gone through the online account to request one?

Or have you always called in?

Just trying to figure the best way possible to hopefully get the amount I initially request, considering I have never requested before with any of my cards.

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Re: how to best approach CLI call to Citi

I went through the online system for mine. I got a message saying they would get back to me in 30 minutes. In about 20 minutes, my credit line was at $3000. I had once called in when I'd only had my card for 5 months so naturally, I didn't have any success. I would just put in a request online and then if call them if its denied.

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Re: how to best approach CLI call to Citi

Simply tell them that you'd like to transfer a balance from another card and still maintain a decent utilization ratio on your Citi card. No need to go in to so many details.
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