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i been added as an AU


i been added as an AU

After taking the advice from others i went to talk with my dad about the card that he let me  use. Its a cap 1 platium that he got in august because i couldnt get any credit.  I am the only one who charges on it and i am the only one who pays it. we got it with the understanding that the first time i mess up my card privilages would be revoke. lol


so after months of building up his credit even better by paying as soon as the statement drop...keeping the utl low...and paying way more the min... i took the advice of others on this site and asked to become a AU..


so now it finally went through...hopefully all the good i am doing with this card will reflect in my scores




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Re: i been added as an AU

Keep up the good work
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Re: i been added as an AU

Good job... Cap 1 does report AU so it'll help.

The next step is showing pops your responsibility when it comes to credit, then become an AU on his oldest, highest CL CC. lolSmiley Wink

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