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is amex forgiving on points?


is amex forgiving on points?

Hey guys thanks agin for advise. Is there a way to recieve the 25k bonus points for the prg? I apped for gold in feb, never activated it, then apped for the prg in march. So is amex strict om this policy? I met the spend requirement, and tech. I cannot get them. Is thwre any hope?
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Re: is amex forgiving on points?

Their customer service is pretty responsive.   I was able to get them to match a better sign-up bonus for my BCE that I read about on these forums.


Use the message service on their website,  and write a compelling letter.  Kiss a little amex butt, tell them how great the card is, and that you made a tiny little mistake, and you're hoping the great customer service you've always heard about can make things right for you.


They'll get back to you, one way or another, in 24 hours.



good luck!

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Re: is amex forgiving on points?

I kind of have a similar situation:

I apped and was approved for the Blue card w/ the sign up 10,000 MRe bonus points if I spend $1000 in 90 days.
Once I received the card (I didn't activate it), I immediately called CS and got a product change to the BCE.

I easily met the $1000 spending once I got the BCE, but I never got a sing up bonus. Would AMEX honor $100 reward dollars if I asked?
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