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just got my letter from BOfA

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just got my letter from BOfA

friday the 13th and was declined for the BOfA AMEX. I really wanted that card --- better yet, I wanted a BOfA card in my credit mix and  to start building credit history with them.


I have high scores in the 700's. Reason for decline: 4 inquiries, 2 cards 70% maxed out.


Is there any way to fight for this? I will settle for a regular PLATINUM card. Would it be better to call a recon number perhaps? if so, what is the number? or would it be better to go directly to the bank and speak to someone?

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Re: just got my letter from BOfA

Hi Thatdood


I would definitely call the backdoor number for BofA. The number is located in the backdoor thread in my siggy.


Call the number and ask for a reconn.


It doesn't hurt to ask.You might have to use another inq if you want the platinum but again ask them if they can use the same inq. Some CCC's are weird like that.


Hope this helps and keep us updated

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Re: just got my letter from BOfA

Hey thanks for replying. I've actually thought long and hard -- I really do not need BOA's services if they think they are too good for me. I will just cultivate my four credit cards. Four is enough, really .


Besides, I really do not think I will get approved AT ALL anymore. AMEX gave me a 10K CLD for NO REASON AT ALL (I pay more than minimum, always on time, never late, 20% utility) and my scores STILL went down by almost 80 points. I'm not even gonna waste my breath on dealing with AMEX. They might just close my account if I make them angry. 

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Re: just got my letter from BOfA



Cultivate is always a good thing

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