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knowing credit line before approval?

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Re: knowing credit line before approval?

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You can't due to the fact you'll never know the lenders algorithm and all that factors into itSmiley Surprised

Someone here recently received $7100 CLI from Chase just by calling them back after receiving SM that they will do SP $7100. The amount of the increase was revealed in advance to him/ her and this is honestly the first time I hear something like that. Sometime the creditor will increase your CL for the amount of BT.


New accounts ??? No way to know in advance. Nice try. Smiley Happy

I saw that thread last night but and this is just IMHO 

I questioned the theory as its the first i've ever seen and may just have been an inexperiened CSR saying that

Because we all know Chase will HP for a $500 CLI's and some still end in denial 

 Smiley Surprised

seems like you guys dont believe what happened and I dont blame you, I was quite shocked at the reply from chase... 

I sent an SM asking if there is anyway I can get a CLI without a HP, I explained that i been with chase for over 3 years with perfect credit history, my scores are right at 800, I also told them that my chase freedom is my lowest CL, I have access to all 3 of my CRA files, chase did ramdomly soft pull my expirian about 10 days ago, right after I got my BOA CLI which was a HP, boa reported it that same day (mid cycle report) so chase seen it with their SP. 

the next day I got the SM reply telling my that I have an offer up to $7100 (which made it my highest CL by $100) without a HP. I still didnt believe it and called in, the rep told me: yes, you do have a standing offer of a CLI without us having to do a HP up to $7100, if you want more then it will be a HP, I said lets go for the $7100.

all she did was ask my income, that is it. and instantly got the CLI, I checked all 3 CRA files today and nothing from chase. so yes, it can happen, im sure its rare but remember, I have been with them over 3 years, not 3 months. 

NO NO NO its not that I don't believe but they are rare cases thus far and 1 case is hardly proof of an policy change

To further add on this subject recently some are saying that Amex has changed the policy about Optima cards and that you don't have to close it to be approved for other cards....

Has policy changed or have we seen 4 lucky people because I have seen 4 cases in the last 3 weeks.

Not enough to make me think a change has taken place yet...maybe they owed small sums ...IDK Lol


In fact there's one in approval forum right now approved Friday ....But based on the countless denials and threads I've read about having to close the card first....

IMHO there just isolated cases so far until we see more approvals based on the same card/lender/profile....


I agree that what happened in my case is not a new "trend" or a new policy for chase, like I said earlier, I would have probably gotten the auto CLI even if I never asked cause it was a standing offer I was told when I called in, I think its just coincidence about the timing that I asked if it were possible.

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Re: knowing credit line before approval?



Thanks for sharing your experience with us...and especially to me.  


One thing i have learned here and I'm not sure if others also detected the hidden that the best time to call and review offers offerred by the credit company is right after they just SPed your CR.  So the minute a SP is detected.. we should call them right away. 


It's as simple as that. 

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