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likehood of discover approval?

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Re: likehood of discover approval?

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Thank you for replying... done with Equifax now go on Transunion web site and do the same thing as I just did on Equifax web site, correct? hope it doesnt ask me to pay other $17.95 Smiley Very Happy


EDIT: just saw your post Newbie, how do you quote other people posts? I still don't see the quoting posts..

When you hit reply on a specific post, on the right side of the screen about the message box is the Spell Check button and the Quote buton. Just click that and the system will paste who's ever post you intend to reply to.  Smiley Happy


Google for some discount codes before you go paying full price for eveyrthing.
or at least do the fre trial stuff and cancel in 7 days beforre they charge u at all.

LOL! Thanks! totally went over my head.. and thanks for tip myFICO is on 10 days free trial... EQUIFAX wasn't.. working on TU right now..  hey do you know if Juniper CLI is  HP or SP ? ( $4,650 CL ATM ) so I was thinking putting $350 in the request amount to make it even $5,000 CL

I dnt know much about juniper -don thave a card withthem,m but ur request doesnt seem unreasonable. How long have u had the card? and  how long has ur limit been 4650? Maybe u should call them to request it so that u can reason with the person on the phone. Check the forums for backdoor CLI ph# for Juniper.

I have had Juniper for almost 3 years now and $4650 has been stuck for about 8 or 9 billing statements.. I dont mind Barclays except their user login structure  is extremely sensititive OMG! lower cases, upper cases, numbers in between... what a nightmare gives my brains a good workout  Smiley Very Happy

Juniper is a's Barclays' portfolio now.  I actually called Barclays and told them to close my Juniper card because it gave me zero rewards and they turned it into a Barclaycard Rewards MC that gets 2 pts/$1 for travel and 1 pt/$1 for everything else.  Not the greatest, but better than zilcho with Juniper.  

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